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Speaking of...

The Book

I guess this is as good a place as any to mention my book...


As a young child I promised my mother that I would write a book one day and I have! This book is a collection of, well, stuff inside my head - an exploration of expression, 100% self-published! 


My desire is for you (yes, you!) to somehow find yourself somewhere inside the pages of this book - but first you have to purchase it, right?

Fron Cover Test_edited.jpg
Clock and Plant


The creation of an audiobook is a meticulous process, so this may take a while but, like everything else I set out to accomplish - 


it's gonna get done!


Stay tuned...

I'm working on it!

Main Logo Designs (17).png

I'm super excited about the launch of my lifestyle brand, dedicated to all of you that have decided to - reinvent yourself!


The brand celebrates you! 

Along with featured content you'll also find products designed to start a conversation.

Here is a sample of the products that will be available soon... 

all-over-print-tote-black background-red handle-letters-hands.jpg

What began as a one-person monologue has evolved into three-act play that received high praise at the 

2022 National Black Theatre Festival as a work that is timely, relevant, and culturally significant.


The play will debut in Charlotte, NC and tickets can be purchased at: Stuff Inside My Head Tickets | Charlotte, NC | Central Piedmont's New Theater (

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